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Dan Penta doesn't have fans.  He has disciples.  An outcast of the D.C. suburbs, he arrived in New York City in 1999, quickly becoming a staple of the anti-folk scene.  But while friends like Regina Spektor, the Moldy Peaches, and Langhorne Slim went on to earn acclaim, Dan remained unknown.  Creating in obscurity, he handmade CD-Rs for the consecrated few who, through the years, came to form a tiny congregation.

Yellow K had set out to record a retrospective culled from twenty years of songwriting.  Brooklyn based producer Vincent Cacchione was enlisted to bring the band's vision into focus.  They retreated upstate to a cabin in the wintry mountains above Woodstock, transforming it into a ramshackle studio, during a week of heavy snow that kept them secluded and away from distraction.

The resulting album, Nightmare Afternoon, was released February 26th, 2016.