If you're a fan of Alex G's tender, simple pop songwriting, Gobbinjr will be right up your alley. Emma Witmer's (Gobbinjr) debut album is the result of a private process that's spanned years. Speaking about the album, she says:

"It's a big chunk of my adolescent life squished into 40 minutes and sweetened by the sugary goodness of pop melodies. I went back to my parent's house this summer and worked with some songs I had written when I was 15 and some songs I had written when I was 18 and all in between, writing a couple more on the way. I decided not to work with anyone else; I just isolated myself and powered through the album, making it whatever I wanted it to be and nothing else. I had a lot of people previously tell me what to do with my music and i felt the result was always muddled, so this way my music was truly mine and it felt genuine for the first time."