Baby! Joins Yellow K, Releases EP


Yellow K Records is extremely excited to announce the newest member of our family - Baby! 

Orlando native rocker Kaley Honeycutt makes her solo debut as BABY! with the forthcoming EP "Pick me.” Honeycutt beautifully blends the close-mic warmth of bedroom pop with crashing anthemic hooks to stunning results. The first single "home sweet home" features driving, fuzzed out guitar chords emerging from loneliness into an eruption of cathartic and radical self-love. Listen to “Home, Sweet Home” right now and pre-order the full EP! Cassette pre-orders will also begin soon.

Baby! has a full-length in the works with Yellow K, so stay tuned for more from this amazing young artist. Also, if you’re in the Boston area, head to The Middle East upstairs tonight to see Baby! and her band at 8:00pm.

Facebook event:

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