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Kaley Honeycutt, better known as BABY!, is an emerging songwriter from Orlando, Florida. From the unapologetic optimism of lead single “Weather Girl” to the soul-searching escapist fantasy of closer “Getting Out”, BABY!’s debut full-length album “Sunny, FL” blends the close-mic warmth of bedroom pop with crashing anthemic hooks to stunning results. Following her "Pick Me" EP, Honeycutt recorded "Sunny, FL" over the course of four months in producer Riley Corcoran’s living room. The album is a collection of vibrant yet hazy indie rock songs that provoke inevitable introspection. On “If I’m Sorry”, released on “City Beautiful: A Compilation for Pulse”, a benefit compilation for the victims of the horrific Pulse tragedy, her unflinchingly honest lyrics cast a plea for normalcy against driving, fuzzed out guitar chords, emerging from uncertainty into an eruption of cathartic and radical self-love.


"Weather girl" official video